Jersey Girls Chapter



The Jersey Girls Chapter is just one of the many local chapters in the Women in the Wind International organization. 

The Jersey Girls Chapter has 5 officers:

President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer &

 Sargent At Arms.  

The positions are filled by elections held every 2 years and anyone is eligible to hold office if they are elected by the members of the chapter.

Our chapter meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of every month to discuss chapter business, rides, safety and just to spend time together.



All women riders are Welcome! 

We welcome all riding skill levels. 

Our chapter currently has 20 active members from all over Central New Jersey and Philadelphia.



We encourage all members input as we start putting our ride calendar together in March & April. All members have the opportunity to lead a ride or suggest a ride and are encouraged to do so. Not only do we have Member's Only rides, we also have "Open Rides" when members can invite non-members to join us.

Every August we have an annual '4 day Member's Only Ride' to somewhere in the Mid Atlantic or Northeast regions.


Off Season

 We get together to plan and enjoy non riding activities during the off-season too.  



Holidays are marked with fun gatherings!  Our Chapter holds an annual Holiday Dinner in December and a Seder Dinner in the Spring.